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Demonstrate product

The better way to promote your product is to show how it works rather than to tell what it does. Our demo videos show how easy it is to use your product step by step and excite viewers to try it out.

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The key features
of our demo videos

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How-to tutorials

Help your customers through the proper way to use your web-based app or a mobile app. Having a library of “How-to” videos like this not only helps to answer frequently asked questions but also helps your customers feel confident of your product and brand.

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How do we create these demo videos?

We begin by brainstorming ways to engage your audience before we educate them. We do our best to craft our demo videos to be more than a typical, boring and uninspiring walk-through. We then gather high-definition screencasts and write a script linking lines of the script to specific steps of performing a task. In many instances, we re-create some of images of the UI to animate them individually, and create additional call-out text and graphics based on your branding to help illustrate a point further. And we finish it all off with voiceover, music and sound design.


Our demo videos are:

  • Easy to follow

  • Engaging and educational

  • Conversational

  • High quality



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Video guide

“How do you receive and make a phone call with Apple Watch?” It’s that type of basic question you’ve answered countless times with your own product. But think of it as an opportunity to make a quick video tutorials with tips and tricks so your customers get the most out of of your product.

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About us

Mave is a creative studio specialized in creating demo videos for web and mobile apps. We believe the best way to promote your product is to demonstrate how your product works and "show” what it does. With the fluid animation and graphics designed around the actual UI of your product as well as a unique voice and music just for your product, our demo videos are highly effective in engaging viewers and helping customers to use your product.



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